Modern life is fast paced and a lot of people need to take some time off their daily activities to relax. One of the best ways to do this is to get a body massage. With a massage, there come numerous health benefits. For instance, a massage serves to reduce anxiety and stress while lowering the blood pressure at the same time. The most preferred way of getting a massage is visiting a spa, a massage parlor or even hiring a professional massage therapist to do it at your home. All these options are time-limited and require one to invest well in them (they require relatively large sums of money). For this reason, a massage chair offers a better alternative. A massage chair has a range of advantages that discourage the need to visit spas and hire a professional therapist to offer massage services to you.

The reason why massage chairs are a better alternative to spas and professional therapists is that they are convenient and offer massage services at any time you please. They are also a cheaper alternative when you consider them as a long term investment. It is way expensive to keep visiting the spa than having your own chair at home. Besides, massage chairs tend to come with innovative features that give an outstanding experience that you may not get in spas. They are just not restricted to massage alone but can offer other related health solutions that may not be found in spas as well.

Massage chairs come with various options in different price categories. The simplest chairs with fewer features cost less while those with a range of luxurious features cost more. There is a group of middle placed chairs that don’t qualify to be ranked as luxurious yet they are not basic. Their features lie between those of low category and the more advanced luxurious counterparts. Here are examples of some common features found in massage chairs:

Headband airbag massage – includes retractable airbags that can be placed on the head to relieve a headache and massage lower skull muscles

Foot rollers – when combined with airbags they offer a great massage experience for the lumbar region.

Heating therapy – it is the capability of some chairs to include warming in massage sessions to heal sore muscle pain.

Acupressure capabilities (also called Shiatsu) – this concept serves to detect and stimulate acupuncture points and providing a feel good massage in those points.

Zero-Gravity positioning – this concept can be found on almost every massage chair in the market. The zero-gravity position reclines the chair further at the back making the user face up and feel weightless.

L-Track and S-Track designs – it is the different roller configurations running along the spine (S-Track) to the legs or running from the head region to the legs. They are all aimed at ensuring that the user-comfort is guaranteed.  Never the less, these chairs are designed to provide massage solutions at the convenience of the user.

Here are top 7 quality and luxurious massage chairs

  1. Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated
  2. New Fujita SMK82 innovative 3D Advanced Realistic Massage…
  3. Infinity IT-8500X3-EB 3D Massage Chai
  4. Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair
  5. U.S Jaclean Massage Chair Relax 2 Zero USJ-9000
  6. INADA DreamWave Massage Chair
  7. Ogawa Smart 3D Zero Gravity Reclining Massage Chair

Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair is the best luxury massage chair choice for you if you are not willing to compromise on quality and performance. The chair is marketed as the world’s first truly intelligent chair. It sports really amazing features and options that create personalized profiles unique to each user. OgawaTM itself is an established maker of wellness equipment and has been making health products for the last 20 years. Apparently, the word Ogawa in Japanese means Stream or simply the magical source of life which is line with the firm’s ideals such as wellness, health, and relaxation

Best Features

  • 3D Smart Rollers that provide a unique human-like massage experience
  • 3D Smart Rollers that provide a unique human-like massage experience
  • Smart Sense air compression that serves to gently reposition and lift the body to provide safe stretching and compression essential for smooth blood circulation
  • Zero-gravity capability to take the weight away from the spine by reclining backward at a specific recline angle
  • Inbuilt entertainment system enabling you to relax and enjoy music using the quality sound system which has both USB and Bluetooth connection capability
  • Advanced programming with 17 carefully automated massage programs
  • Smart tablet technology to help you quickly and easily pick options and customize your choices


  • This chair is light in weight and can be easily moved around the room
  • The design is beautiful. The seat is captivating by just looking at it
  • The features are numerous giving a wide array of options to pick from
  • The inbuilt tablet is handy enough to let you select programs and customize the options just by your side
  • This chair is out of reach of a lot of people with its USD $6000 Price tag
  • A remote control could have been a little better than the tablet which left handed people will struggle to use
  • It is hard to find on special


Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair is a great chair for anyone with enough cash and wants a rejuvenating massage with a sufficient number of features to meet his/her massage needs. The sleek Samsung tablet design, the innovative chair design, and precisely placed massage technology give you three reasons to purchase it. Save for some few flaws in terms of pricing and the tablet that might be a little inconvenient to some people, this chair is highly recommendable.

Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair

A lot of people think this chair is made in Japan but it is actually made in China. Surprisingly, it performs impressively well and the durability is remarkable. One thing you can’t forget to mention about this chair is its spaceship-like design that adds a space vibe on your experience. But some people find this design to be a little tacky. It’s a 49-inch roller track extending all the way from the neck to the hamstrings. This chair beats even the most established models from renowned makers.

Best Features

  • 6 Custom massage techniques complete with adjustable speed and width. You can pick from Tapping, Shiatsu, Rhythm, Synch, Knocking and Kneading
  • Body Sensing feature that ensures the delivered massage suits your body shape. It is close to the scanning technology found in other high-end chairs
  • Zero-gravity that creates a 30 degrees recline while elevating the feet above the heart.
  • 38 airbags providing compression massage to the feet, calves, arms. The seat airbags inflate and deflate pushing the hips side to side and is good for people with chronic hip and back pain
  • 6 pre-set automatic massage programs including Recovery, Lower Auto, Upper Auto, Refresh, Relax, Extend and Refresh
  • Thai Stretch Program including specialized shoulder and seat airbags that stretch your spine
  • Built-in stereo system to play your favorite music

It comes with a 3-year warranty covering both the parts and the labor

  • The contemporary design is distinct and stylish
  • The forward sliding capability saves a lot of space
  • The feet rollers are really intense and provide satisfactory relief to your troubled legs

The chair is heavy. It comes in form of four large boxes with the heaviest one weighing 200 lbs

  • It lacks the popular 3D massage rollers which are becoming an industry must-have in massage chairs
  • It’s a longer roller track offers a better neck and shoulder massage

In the bottom line, the chair is impressive. It is one of the few chairs in the market to combine the 49-inch roller track with an amazing design. The comprehensive massage this chair offers with its state of the art features makes it a massage chair of choice for many people

Infinity IT-8500X3 Massage Chair

Infinity has made their much acclaimed Infinity IT-8500 massage chair to another level. They added the 3D massage rollers and have boosted its deep tissue massage and reliability. The new rollers have the capability to massage deeper muscles than it could before and come with a redesigned remote control. As you back massaged, you can quickly plug-in the chair or connect via Bluetooth to listen to the latest pop hit a soothing slow massage music that leaves you calm and relaxed.

Best Features

  • 3D Massage roller which allows the user to adjust the depth and gentleness of the massage making it appealing to a lot of people
  • New redesigned remote control with a large pedestal area and a slim LCD screen. The menu structure is simple
  • Bluetooth compatibility which allows you to sync the chair to a mobile device and play music through its stereo.
  • Airbag compression massage which provides massage to your whole body thus promoting muscle relaxation and circulation
  • Body scan technology which maps the body which it uses to offer a specific massage appropriate for the body type
  • Mechanical foot rollers
  • Zero-gravity recline that reclines the chair back to extend and massage your spine
  • Spinal correction capability
  • Lumbar heat which warms your lumber region tightened or sore muscles
  • Waist twist feature which swivels and moves the hips side to side to stretch the lower back
  • Spot massage feature which allows you to concentrate the massage in a particular place.


This chair has a total of four product warranty plans; Infinity 3-year limited warranty, infinity commercial use warranty, 1-Year extended Part Only Warranty and a 2-Year extended part only warranty. These warranty plans offer a wider coverage for the user

  • The sleek design of the chair is appealing and comfortable
  • The waist-twist feature is highly useful for relieving upper lumbar region.


  • This chair occupies a large floor space
  • It is hard to assemble

Getting a massage on this chair is an amazing experience. Several automatic programs and shoulder airbags are awesome. Unless you size sensitive, it is an excellent choice for you.

U.S Jaclean Massage Chair Relax 2 Zero USJ-9000

This chair comes packed with powerful therapeutic features that are effective against chronic body muscles pain. Frankly, the USJ9000 Massage chair is costly and a little far from being perfect. The powerful combination of great features that can’t be found in a lot other similar chairs makes USJ – 9000 a model to consider for your massage needs. This model has potential to be even more exceptional. In the next section, we are discussing some of the remarkable features of that make it a massage chair to reckon.


  • The industry standard S-Track design and quad rollers. A combination of these features go hand in hand to create a human-like feel
  • 3D body scan which creates a map of your body and makes needed adjustments on the rollers to give the appropriate massage
  • Zero-gravity feature which gives you a weightless experience by elevating your feet and heart a little higher
  • Full body massage
  • Advanced Massage setting
  • Air massage mode made possible its more than 50 airbags
  • Therapeutic heat in the lumbar region
  • Body stretch and inversion therapy which brings maximum therapeutic benefit by stretching the body and incorporating inversion therapy


  • The body stretch and inversion therapy provide unique superb body stretch service that is rarely seen in other luxurious massage chairs. The inversion twist stretch is great for spinal decompression
  • The heat therapy is effective for relaxing deeper muscles
  • The numerous airbags on board covers every inch of the user’s body
  • The four automatic massage modes are flexible enough to give the user the desired type of massage
  • It is easily portable with its 230 lbs overall weight
  • The overall power consumption of this chair is low compared to other massage chairs. It is rated at 220W


  • Limited range of color choice. Users can only pick between black, brown and cream
  • Assembly and configuration is quite sophisticated

Besides its top-class features, this massage chair has a beautiful look. Taking a massage in this chair is has the same feeling with that you feel when a private therapist strokes your shoulders and the back. The price range suits the features thus making it affordable by a lot of people

Inada Dreamwave massage chair

This chair has really favorable reviews from buyers. It comes with plenty of features that ensure a satisfactory full body massage. Buyers have also been impressed with its synthetic leather construct and the corresponding genuine leather models that you can pick depending on the amount of money you have to spend. When you are not massaging your muscles, you can comfortably snuggle on it to refresh yourself and release mental stress. It is an excellent chair for teens, and younger users as well as old individuals who can operate it with a remote control device.


  • 12000 square inches massage area
  • Customizable Full body scan with the ability to detect acupressure points and provide user needs oriented Shiatsu massage.
  • Up to 106 body type options in its Full body scan configuration
  • 13 motors and an array of extended rollers to work on the upper glutes and skull
  • 101 air cells
  • Incorporated 3-D massage technology which delivers a professional massage just like a human hand
  • 8 pre programmed massage sessions ranging from morning, night, full body air, full, dream wave, youth, quick and stretch
  • 18 manual massage types and 1000 combinations

It is easy to operate the chair using its remote control


  • It supports younger users
  • You can quickly and easily assemble it
  • It as several pre-programmed massage options to pick from
  • It offers broadest full body massage cover
  • It comes in many color varieties such as black, cream, and dark brown, cream and so on.
  • The is out of reach of most people due to its exorbitant price although its features justify it
  • It occupies quite a large floor area


The verdict is; although this chair is overpriced, its value and health benefits are remarkable. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages thus making a sure option that can return value of your investments. The 3D massage technology, customizable full body scan, many body massage options, its large massaging surface are among other great features that make this chair feasible to most people planning to a massaging chair. It is the best investment you will ever make as far as your well being is concerned. It is also outstanding for the rest of the flock in the market with its ability to support almost everyone with massage needs; from kids, teenagers and adults.

New Fujita SMK82 Innovative 3D Advanced IYASHI massage chair

New Fujita SMK82 Innovative 3D Advanced IYASHI massage chair is a premium massage chair of the higher end market. It has the revolutionary 3D roller mechanism among other fascinating features that give a personal massage experience. It is pricey but magnificent enough to a level you won’t even feel the pinch. When it is finally delivered, you need to have reserved a spacious floor space because the chair is quite huge. Unlike other massage chairs that have limited recommendation, this chair can be used by anyone. One exception, though, is the lack of foot massage apparatus but this is compensated by other high-class features on board. Fujita is among world’s renowned makers of massage chairs. It has been doing so for well over 20 years gaining a lot of experience all along


  • 3D roller mechanism that gives a more comprehensive and deeper massage.
  • 6 unique auto program options including neck relax, Kiwami knead, Loop knead, Kiwami tapping, Kiwami hip message and Shoulder tapping
  • Zero-Gravity message support for giving deeper massage and releasing tension in spinal area
  • Human-like Shiatsu massage to give a realistic experience
  • TFT-LCD remote controlled
  • Multiple roller heads and airbags which are all customizable
  • 6 massage intensity options
  • New Thai massage feature
  • Full 3D body scan
  • Foot length detection & massage
  • Wireless remote control
  • Two-way Zero-gravity positioning
  • 3D point navigation system
  • Up and down, left and right, back and forth 3D massage rollers




  • The chair is heavy and oversize
  • Tall men are disadvantaged since leg extension stretch is not possible
  • It consumes a lot of electricity

This chair provides many benefits to users especially those who are dealing with hip issues and muscle strains. It comes with a wide variety of massage options and features to relieve most parts of the body. The soothing human-like massage feature gives you a satisfying and personal massage that that feels real. The chair is quite expensive for most people but is still the chair of high quality which makes it a good long term investment massaging tool.

Panasonic EP-MA73ku Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury heated Massage Chair

It is a professional high quality massaging chair with a range of top notch features to give deep massages. It is a good choice for individuals who are nursing injuries that force them to seek muscle care, a condition requiring stretching, deep relaxation and perhaps massaging such as after long hours at the office or strenuous exercise. It is made by Human Touch, a reputable brand that produces high-quality fitness and massaging equipment for


  • Auto Recline feature with ability to electronically maintain the reclamation at 170 degrees
  • Self-adjusting arm rests
  • LCD Remote
  • Acupoints technology the scans for the 35 acupoints of the body
  • Air compression system that produces full body massage
  • Hand and Arm massaged from inflated and compressed armrests
  • The programs on the chair are highly customizable giving the user more autonomy
  • The chair is lightweight


Compared to some of its more expensive counterparts, it offers fewer pre-programmed options

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury heated Massage Chair provides you with stylish and comfortable massage option and goes at a reasonable price. The multiple features that come with it including the lumbar heating capability, zero-gravity positioning, and others give you the best massage experience. It is absolutely a high-quality massaging chair which you will find to be worth your money. The only remarkable flaw with this chair is its limited number of features at its price, especially when compared to other brands in the market. But this shouldn’t restrain you from acquiring this health masterpiece.

In conclusion, your choice for a massage chair should be informed by your individual massage needs and the budget you’re willing to set aside for the same. For instance, unlike averagely rated massage chairs, their highly-rated counterparts whose massage service provision is excellent will require you to cough out more money to acquire them. Finally, look at these chairs as worth investments that can give the convenience and service that you need while saving you thousands of dollars that can otherwise be used when you visit a spa for a massage.