6 Best back massagers for your lower backpain


What do you do when you have lower back pain? Do you have someone with “magic feet” walk all over your back as you say “oh that’s the spot”? Do you go to a spa and have a professional massage? Or do you take pain killers and hope you will wake up feeling better? Well what happens if you had a quarrel with the “magic feet” or the spa is not opened after 5pm, or when the pain killers wear off? A more convenient option would be to have your own masseuse that will provide the much needed massage any time you need it.

Back Massager

The back massager is a convenient solution to your back pain, you can call on it at anytime and all you will need is a power source to get it working. Back massagers have been designed after careful research to understand how a massage can create relief to the pain and added features like heat in some of them provide therapeutic healing for the pain.

There are a number of massagers out there with different advantages and disadvantages, choosing the best of them may not be easy especially for a first timer which is why we have done all the research for you to find what would suit you best.

Using a back massager

It should be pretty easy to use a back massager, first of all though you need to know that there are electrical ones and manual ones that you need to rub onto the spot that is paining but for this case we will concentrate on the electrical ones.

The electrical back massagers just need to have a power source for you to plug it in or if they are battery operated, make sure you have fully powered batteries. You can then sit down and place the massager on your lower back and lean back onto it, or you can lie down and place the massager on your lower back and then turn it on. The massager will do the rest of the work as you sit back and relax or continue with your work in the office.

The great thing about these gadgets is that you can use them anywhere and at any time. There is usually an option to adjust the intensity of the massage as well as the vibration speed but this may depend on the type you are using.

What to look for in a back massager


The common techniques are vibration, heat and shiatsu. The vibration technique creates a wavy effect on your muscles which relaxes them and in effect soothes pain and stress. Heat is known to be therapeutic when it comes to muscle pains while the shiatsu massage is a deep tissue massage to provide relaxation and stress relief. Some massagers will combine all these while others may have only one. It is however unusual to find one that provides only heat- that would probably be no different from a hot water bottle.

Area of concentration

You will find that some massagers will focus on a smaller area than others which means after sometime you may need to shift it to another position so that you can massage that area while others are able to massage different parts of your body at a time, you can choose which works best for you.

Options of intensity

You may not always have the same amount of stress or back pain everyday so you may prefer to have a massager that gives you the option of different levels of intensity, this may depend on the cause of your back pain. You need to consider if you will be satisfied with just one mode of operation or with various ones.


They come in different shapes and sizes which means they will also have different prices. It should be possible to find one that fits into a realistic budget but remember that you will get what you pay for. If you choose to spend less, do not expect to get all the bells and whistles that come with a more expensive one. At the same time though, expensive will not guarantee quality. This is why a guide like this should be read before you make a purchase.

Naipo Lower Back Massager

If after a hard day’s work you are craving a real shiatsu massage from a specialist, this Naipo may do the trick. It is designed to mimic the movements of a real masseuse making inward and outward motions to dig deep into the tissue and relieve tension in your lower back. It also emits just the right amount of heat that feels quite relaxing, I would compare it to those hot stones women have at the spa. According to experts heat improves blood circulation so after sitting for long, that’s what you may need to get your energy back.


– It is shaped to fit the curves of your back and spine which makes the massage concentrated on just those areas of the back that need attention

– The heating system is programmed to shut off automatically after 20 minutes which protects your skin from damage from too much heat.

– It will change the direction of the massage on its own after every minute so you do not have to keep adjusting it every time

– Although it is designed especially for the lower back, it can also work on other parts like the thighs, arms and feet among others.

– It has a handle which makes it easy to carry around

– It comes with a car adapter so even when driving long distances, you can use it.


– The on off switch is on the back of the unit which makes it a bit hard to reach, it should have a remote

– It only works on 1 part of your body at a time

What customers say

“I really wanted a massage chair but it was way out of my budget so I did research on an alternative and landed on this one, it has served the purpose quite well and saved me a lot of money. I also can take it anywhere with me unlike the chair”

“ I have had problems with my back for a while now but since I got this Naipo Lower Back Massager, I can sit longer and feel more relaxed”

“Everyone in the home loves it we may have to buy 2 more to keep everyone happy”


This massager seems to tick all the boxes for what you should consider when looking for a good massager. The best thing about it is its ability to simulate a massage by a real shiatsu professional it is also safe and affordable for a massager with its capability. You can use it anywhere, be it at home as you relax, in the car or as you work in the office. I would give it 4.8 stars out of 5.

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

Portability is one of the strong points of this Zyllion. It is slim and compact so you can even fit it into your bag so that you use it when the need arises. It can provide you with deep tissue massage and the heat will sooth your muscles as well. The massage balls will change direction every minute to ensure the muscles get the right attention they need. It has straps that you can use to fasten it on your car seat for a neck massage as you drive, so it can be used for more than just the lower back. It is quite similar to the Naipo back massager but they differ in shape and size.


– It is slim and compact so you can take it anywhere without it taking up too much space or weighing you down

– The heat automatically turns off after 20 minutes to prevent your skin from getting too much heat which can also be bad for the muscles

– You can use it on different parts of your body as well

– It is covered with soft leather which feels good but is also durable and easy to care for

– It comes with a money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty

– It is listed by the FDA which means you can trust it


– It does not have a handle to carry it around

What customers say

“ It felt so good the first time I used it, I almost cried. I am so happy with it”

“I think I got a faulty one, but the customer care was quick to replace it and I am happy with it now”


It is amazing how something this compact can be very strong. This is a massager I would recommend for people who are always on the go and need to be able to carry their masseuse with them. the customer care too is worth mentioning and I would give it 4.7 stars out of 5

Brookstone Shiatsu 3D Lumbar Massager

With this massager, you can choose between 3 levels of vibration intensity. The massage balls are positioned to work intensely on the muscles that surround your spine and that is usually where you feel the most discomfort from seating for long and other causes of back pain. There is also the heat option which helps to relax your back muscles. You can move it across the length of your back to let all the back muscles relax and its curves make it fit well and give the nodes access to the parts of your body that need attention.


– It has 3 levels of vibration which makes it easy for you to get just the right amount of relaxation you need.

– It can focus on the muscles surrounding the spine which sometimes do not get enough attention with other massagers

– You can use it on different parts of your body since its shape adapts to different curves of the body

– It is easy to operate so anyone can use it without the risk of it getting spoilt or them getting injured

– Its heat is selectively dispensed which makes it more effective when dealing with lower back pain


– It is a little bit heavy so using it on areas like your neck needs a strap to support it

– The top vibration level may be abit too strong

What customers say

“ It works really well like they say it does and the vibration feature is a nice touch since sometimes you just want a relaxing feeling not a deep massage”

“I feel like I can carry my personal massage therapist everywhere I go and I do not have to pay for overtime”


This is a reliable massager which comes at a good price. It is evidence that you do not always have to spend so much to get something good. Most of the people who have purchased it seem to be happy with their choice. There have been a few complaints about defective units but the manufacturer usually replaces those. Out of 5, it would get 4.5 stars.

HoMedics SP-100H 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow

This massager will combine kneading, circular motions, heat and vibration to give you an optimum massage. The kneading movement in particular feels like you are getting the massage from a real therapist while the vibration loosens muscles and makes it easier for them to get the full effect of the circular massage motion. You are able to choose which combinations you would like say massage with heat or vibration and heat alone. It all depends on what will make you feel more relaxed. It is quite affordable and gets the job done well.


– There are a number of functions which will make it more likely that you will get relief from that back pain

– Its shape makes it easy to use, just lean back or lie on it and it will find its way to the aching muscles

– It is affordable so you can buy more than 1 so that you do not have to keep on carrying it around


– It looks like a nice pillow but it is not comfortable to be used just as a pillow or if you do not have any pain

– If you are heavier than 150 pounds, it will struggle to give you a massage when you are lying on it

What customers say

“ I have actually paid more for a one hour massage than I have paid to purchase this massager which I can use for as long as I choose, it is well worth it.”

“This is a massager that gets the job done, I like it and use it whenever I have pain anywhere on my body”


Like one of the customers said, it gets the job done, if you are looking for relief from back pain, this is worth a try and it most probably will give you relief. I may not use it to relax though since it certainly was not intended for that. Out of 5 stars I would give it 4.3.

Gideon™ Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

If you prefer to have a bit more control over the massage motions of your massager, then you will appreciate this Gideon Shiatsu Massage Pillow,. It has a corded hand control which allows you to control the kneading movement either clockwise or anti clockwise instead of those that automatically change direction. It provides a deep kneading massage like you would get from a professional and by simply repositioning it, you can ensure that the exact spot that needs attention gets massaged. You can increase the intensity by simply leaning back harder. Its price is amazingly affordable considering the performance.


– It is quite portable so you can take it anywhere you go and use it even as you travel

– You have more control over when the massage nods change the direction of the massage

– You do not have to look for different levels of intensity on a button, you just lean back harder to increase the intensity or do the opposite to reduce it

– It is affordable yet quite effective


– The heat cannot be increased yet it is very mild

– It is possible to put too much pressure on it as you try to get a deeper massage

What customers say

“ This is a small but mighty pillow, I do heavy lifting and end up with tense muscles but this pillow gives me the deep massage I need”

“ It has saved me a lot on spa massages, worth the investment”


Just like dynamite comes in small packs, deep massages come in small pillows, this massager gives one of the deepest massages and it does not cost a lot, even if you may worry about how long it will last, you can easily replace it and continue to enjoy deep massages. The heat though is not that much so out of 5 stars I would give it 4.2

Naipo Lower Back Massager Cordless Shiatsu Massager

You do not have to worry about a power socket with this pillow, you can even take it to the park and enjoy a massage as you feed the ducks since it is cordless. With 2 hours of charge, you can enjoy 5 cycles of massage before the next charge. It is also designed to act as an ordinary pillow so you can also just relax on the couch and use it to support your back. It has standard shiatsu massage and heat with a single control button. You can use it anywhere only that you cannot fit it in a bag to carry it around with you.


– It is made from memory foam so it is soft and can be used as a ordinary pillow

– It is cordless which eliminates the need for a plug in thus you can use it anywhere

– The fabric feels nice and soft as you get the massage

– It can be used on the lower and upper back as well as the neck


– It needs to be recharged so if you forget to recharge you have to wait 2 hours before you can use it

– You cannot change the intensity of the massage

– It is bulky

What customers say

“ it is very comfortable, I had spinal surgery and it is giving me the comfort I need as well as perfect massages”

“It is amazing how well it retains its shape even after heavy people use it.”


If you are looking for a wireless massager, this is the best choice and when it comes to comfort, this is probably the best of all the recommended massage pillows for lower back pain. It may cost a bit more than some but it is worth the investment. I would give it 4.3 stars out of 5.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing a back massager for lower back pain, it is hard to recommend a single massager as a one size fits all solution. However the Naipo Lower back massager seems to please more people which would make it the best choice. I would personally recommend it because of its different features and it is the only one that actually has a handle making it possible to hold like a bag. The cordless Naipo is also worth considering if you would like to have a throw pillow that you can also use for massaging your back. I would recommend the Zyllion to people who are always on the move and want to be able to carry their massager in their bag. It does not take up a lot of space and is able to provide the kind of massage you would need after a stressful busy day. No matter which one of these 6 you opt for, you can be sure that they come highly recommended and just be sure they address the exact problem you have.