Best Essential Oils For A Great Massage.

Have you ever had a Swedish massage? If you had, you would know that the first thing that hits you in your nose is the beautiful aromas of the essential oils that they use. You feel immediately relax and rejuvenated at the same time.

A fulfilling massage is one which you end up feeling relaxed, relieved, less tense and completely satisfied. Essential oils have been in use for over five thousand years and have several benefits not only during massages but also for general health wellness. Massage has traditionally been used in some cultures to relieve stress and promote well-being. It is a simple luxury that provide energy flow in the body.

Essential oils are manufactured from plants and the aroma is soothing and very pleasant. Choosing the best essential oil depends on the purpose of the massage, as each oil has different healing properties. Consider also how your skin reacts to different essential oils and how to properly dilute the oils.

Incorporating Essential Oils into Massages.

To ensure that there is the least irritations and maximum relaxation for neck, shoulder and back massages, as well as helping in relieving muscular tension in your body:

  • add drops of the essential oil to the carrier oil, in ratios of one drop per tablespoon for adults.
  • add a few drops of a chosen essential oil to the absorbent lotion before the massage.
  • add a few drops of the essential oil to the diffuser for space or room to be filled with a pleasant and sweet aroma.
  • use essential oils candles

Make a facial massage more fruitful by complimenting the massage with essential oils. Whichever essential oil you deem the best combine it with the carrier oil before rubbing it on your face.

  • Add four drops per forty ml of the carrier oil or lotion before the massage.
  • After cleansing the face, gently rub the mixture towards the ears, from the eyebrow section downwards.
  • Repeat the massage to enhance your general appearance and blood circulation.

There is a bunch of ways to use essential oils to compliment a chair massage. From rubbing it on the body, inhaling the aroma and mixing it with base lotions and carrier oils.

No matter the type of oil you use, essential oils add an ambiance that is soothing and very relaxing. Using a diffuser warms massage oils, adds moisture to the air and has a healing effect upon adding the essential oil.


Before or during the massage, use an aromatherapy inhaler to relax the muscles and relieve stress. For best results, use between twenty-five to thirty-five drops of a chosen essential oil per inhaler tube. The oils may be assorted depending on the desired effect. The mixture helps during a massage and can be used for general relaxation.

Be it for a foot, neck, hand, face or shoulder massage, essential oils are always very beneficial in the process. They relieve stress, anxiety, tension, pains and you are left feeling better and more calm.