5 Best Head Massager 2017.

Massage is an excellent way of relaxing your body muscles and stimulating the body’s nerves hence allowing a smooth flow of blood in the body. The same case applies to the head whereby the massager helps in stimulating the scalps nerves and enables a person to have a relaxed mind.

What is a head massager?

This is a device useful in massaging and relaxing the head and gives the same results and effects similar to the hand massage.

Tips for choosing the best head massager.


There are head massager designed to function with the use of electricity, and others use the battery. If you are in an area that has no electrical connection, then it would be advisable to buy the battery enabled. So choose a device depending on the available power source around you.


Buy a device that is easy to carry around such that you can use it in your working place or travel with it.

Available features.

Features also play a role in guiding you to buy a massager. Different head massager have different features whereby some contains all the elements to perform various services. So for your convenience purposes choose a massager depending on your purpose and use as well.

Five best head massager machines and their benefits.

1. Careshine Humanized Electric Head Massager.

This is an excellent electrical massager and the most convenient as it consists of all the features to perform different services such as relaxing the head muscles, relieving the headaches and also stimulating the brains when you are tired. Careshine head massager allows you to be comfortable and relaxed since the inner part of the device is designed with medically approved soft materials for easy use. For headache relief, you can quickly adjust the intensity of the machine to add more pressure for better and quick results. If your head is a bit huge, well don’t worry as the massager can be adjusted to comfortably fit your head and give you all the services you need. The best part is that you can carry the device anywhere including to the office since it is packed with a computer USB interface connector that you can use to charge the device and use it according to your needs. The head massager gives you full results from the front muscles of the head to the back ones so choose it today. Another benefit of Careshine head massager is that it has a total of eight types of massage effects that you can easily and comfortably adjust anytime.

2. JUFIT Electric Head Eve Massager.

If you work in a noisy place for example in a night club, then this is the best massager to use when you get home. The Jufit head massager is electrical compatible and is designed with an inbuilt music that provides a soothing and sensational feeling when using it.
It is suitable for relieving head aches and helps you relax all the muscles connected to the head such as the forehead, eyes and the neck muscles. For the people suffering from insomnia I would recommend this kind of head massager since it is essential in relieving eye fatigue, sore eyes baggy eyes and also swelling eyes caused by lack of enough sleep. In other words, the device provided full head services.
With Jufit you don’t need to go to the spa as you can quickly and comfortably adjust the gadget to provide the head spa massage. So it is convenient in providing head massage, relieving headaches and also improving the sleeping patterns.
It is easy to control the functioning of the device as you can quickly shift and select the mode of heat and service you need and also switch on or off the machine.
The massager has a total of six massage modes that provides full head therapy, and with the features such as the constant vibration, magnetic field and also the air pressure, you are guaranteed to have the best results. One vital detail to note though is that the helmet of the massager measures an inner diameter of 3.74 inches and an outer diameter of 4.52 inch, so it is advisable you check if your head is compatible with the device before buying it.

3.Haili care Electric Scalp Massager.

If you have had a busy and a long day and you are looking for a way to relax your nerves, then Haili care massager is the solution for you. The hand massager is suitable for relieving the spasms, tight muscles and can trigger and provide pressure for an excellent and more relaxed head. The device penetrates through the hair to the scalp to give more intense results. The fact that the device has the most powerful vibration power per minutes makes it the best stress reliever and also helps relax your mind for better sleep. It is easy to use as it is powered by triple A batteries and has one button for control.This massager is a full package since not only does it help in massaging and relaxing your head, you can as well use it on other parts of the body such as the arms, legs, the back, and the back as well. For a more relaxed body after work use Haili care electric scalp massager.

4. NORLANYA Electric head massager Ks-2800A.

If you suffer from constant headaches, body pains and also sleep disorder then consider buying this particular massager. The device has an in-built air pressure that works with four programs, i.e., the vibration, music, and heat to give you a more relaxed and sober mind after a long day. It also works as a traditional spa treatment hence you don’t have to spend extra going to the spa for a head massage. It is easy to operate and allows you to choose the program you wish to use for example if it is vibration, heat or music depending on your requirement. You don’t have to worry about your head fitting in the helmet since you can adjust it to fit correctly according to your head size. It is portable and has a USB cable which allows you to carry the massager anywhere. It is remote control enabling you to change to the program you need and switch it off and on as well.

5. IREALIST Handheld Electric Portable Scalp Massager.

This particular head massager can penetrate through the scalp to provide a deep relaxation to the head and also allow and improve the blood circulation on the head. It is convenient regarding the services since it has four attachments that you can remove to receive the head massages.It is also suitable for massaging other parts of your body such as the neck, legs the back among others. Easy to carry and use anywhere since it is compatible with triple A batteries and has a cable cord for charging. Use it at night as it also helps in improving the sleeping patterns and helps you have a relaxed body and mind.


The above discussed are the best head massager to use in 2017. The devices help in relieving head aches and also relaxing the head muscles for better blood flow and sleep. Some can also be used in other body parts such as the neck and the back. So buy a massager depending on the services you want to achieve at the end of the day.